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Client Story: Valentine's Gift

"You would be very lucky to have her work for you."

I was lucky enough to meet Joanne when my husband and I purchased our new home in Ct.  At that first meeting I knew we had found a gem.  She was warm, understanding, cooperative, and always upbeat.  If we couldn't get something done one way...we got it done another...even better...but we got it done!  I found her to be honest and forthright with a wonderful sense of humor.  She is the best in what she much so that when it came time to re-do our apartment in New York we did not hesitate to call upon her.  She has taken on projects with my friends, as well, and I don't know anyone who has said an unkind word about her or her work.  We are more than satisfied. We are also grateful that she takes us through this very personal journey of making a house a home in a joyful and effortless way.  She knows what she is doing at all times and guides us to the most wondrous conclusions.  You would be very lucky to have her work for you.

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