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Story from a Long Time Client

We started working with Joanne Riley 28  years ago when we moved to a home that had been rented for several years and needed extensive updating.  We found ourselves unable to come to agreement as to what direction to take.


When I saw a friend's redesigned kitchen,  We were struck  by how creatively Joanne had redesigned the space to be not only beautiful but eminently more functional.


Our previous experience  had been less than perfect but we called Joanne for a consultation. We knew immediately working with a designer such as Joanne  was going to be a whole different experience, and it was.


Joanne listened closely to our ideas and came up with several choices to execute our vision. I read somewhere that good design should last.   Twenty-eight years later I am still enjoying some of the choices we made.  


Joanne is so talented and creative in all areas  but her use of color is outstanding, creating harmonious flow from room to room.  


We have worked together on two homes and I am always sorry when we finish because JoanneRiley is not only a superb designer but a genuinely lovely woman.   

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