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The Interior Edge (TIE) is an interior design firm that was founded by Joanne Riley, A.S.I.D. in 1990, and that has been using love and logistics to provide clients with professionalism and luxury beyond expectation ever since. The firm offers complete interior design expertise and services, from conception to realization. Working with TIE is an experience that leaves clients understood, fulfilled, and owning beautiful interiors. What distinguishes TIE, in Joanne’s words, is that “love lives here”. 


TIE believes that great interiors provide and inspire growth, security, and joy! We aim to balance physical, emotional, spiritual and aesthetic needs, and we do this through a thoughtful design process that encompasses large and small details, from architecture, lighting and space planning, to color, texture and style. We transform spaces and design every detail, down to the fresh flowers in the entryway! 


In dedication to our craft and pursuit of excellence, we are constantly educating ourselves to expand our creative thinking and knowledge of the most current styles and methods. We work with industry leaders and employ all of the latest technologies and visualization tools.


Each design is as unique as the individuals we work with, and although you can find our work in interiors all over the world, some of our frequent destinations are in the Berkshires, New York City, Connecticut, and the Greater Boston Area.



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Joanne Riley, A.S.I.D. is the founder, owner and lead designer of The Interior Edge. Her many years of design training, worldwide travel, and self-development are what make her practice successful, designs custom, and clients satisfied. 


Joanne’s methods and aesthetics are influenced by a lifetime of learning and diverse experiences. Her childhood is marked by the juxtaposition of her two family homes, the first being a dutch colonial positioned in the busy, urban setting of New York City. The home was steeped in tradition and extremely stylish, with the interiors designed by her mother. Then her parents, both lifetime New Yorkers, decided to work with an architect and build an ultra-contemporary home on a 144 acre plot of sprawling land, in the Berkshires. The home had 95 angular windows, a hanging fireplace, and was way ahead of its time. Being one of six children, the space was much appreciated, but at the age of 14, country living was an adjustment for Joanne, who was trying to figure out how to keep mud off her purple platform shoes.


From the Berkshires to beyond, Joanne went on to have a successful equestrian career, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Equestrian Studies and riding at the grand-prix level of dressage. She travelled all over the world and mainly in France, as the self-proclaimed francophile would tell you, and then eventually refocused her energies on interior design. With her family roots in furniture retail, Joanne has the knowledge and instinct to select well-made furnishings combined with her innate eye for space and style make her a natural designer. Joanne studied at Paier College of Art Graduate School and worked for two of New York’s most elite designers before opening up her own studio. Her experience and loving ability to intuit her client’s needs are what consistently bring in new jobs and keep clients coming back, in fact, the firm still does work for her very first client!

She is an award-winning member of The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), as well as a Certified Feng Shui Professional (CFSP)(certification received in Beijing, China), and her work has been published both in The United States and internationally. Additionally, she holds the honor of being the first designer to be featured on the cover of ASID’s magazine, ICON.



American Society of Interior Design, Financial Director

American Society of Interior Design, Professional Member


The Interior Edge is proud to contribute to several local, regional, and international nonprofits that support animals and communities.

If you are interested in our support, please contact

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